Changelog #5

Our first Changelog of 2016 sees a ton of enhancements around analytics. We know several of you have been waiting for these, so we hope you enjoy! As always, please reach out to us at with any feedback or questions.

A New Analytics Interface, With New Insights!

Understanding how and where learning occurs in your organization is critical to ensuring your efforts are recognized and relevant to your users. Our new analytics interfaces aim to give you complete insight into the learning that occurs within your organization.

We've redesigned the analytics administrative interface to be more intuitive and flexible, and we've also added new metrics for content views, launches, new gathering members, and new conversations. It's now easier than ever to dig into the content and paths most piquing your users' interest!

Track engagement with individual paths and courses

Each course and path in Pathgather is now accompanied with a dashboard showing engagement with that resource over time. Views, launches, completions, and much more can now be viewed across any date range and, if you have administrative access, for any resource in your catalog! For those without administrative access, you'll still have access to this dashboard for content you share or create. 

Oh, and one last bonus - paths now display each learner's progress with each individual path item, allowing you to easily discover which path resource is most or least popular!

Share from Drive and Box

When sharing content, users can now upload from cloud storage services like Drive and Box alongside normal support for sharing a URL. We've had administrative support for this for awhile when creating content, and we're happy to finally support this when sharing content too! Don't forget that we also automatically embed Drive and Box content, making it a great choice to store your PDFs, Powerpoints, and other learning files.

A Redesigned Path Page

Consistency is typically good, which is why we've made some slight tweaks to the path design so that paths provide a similar, consistent experience as all other content.

That's it for this Changelog! Again, if you have any questions or feedback, we're just a short email away at

Happy learning,

The Pathgather Team

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