Changelog #3

Today's changelog brings some exciting changes, especially to gatherings and notifications! Test them out today and let us know what you think at

New Gathering Dashboard

We gave the gathering page a facelift, giving more significance to the overview of the gathering, its most popular resources, and the admins running it. In addition, we added support for HTML formatting to the gathering description, allowing you to add lists, links, and much more to it. Now that the description is front and center, feel free to add as much context to your gathering as you need!



New Notifications

Now that your gathering looks better, wouldn't it be nice if you could receive notifications as activity occurs within it? Well, now you can! As learners converse and share content to your gatherings, you'll receive notifications about their activity in your normal notification feed. 

Additionally, we separated your unread notifications from your read ones, allowing you to focus on only those that haven't received your attention yet. 



Requesting Access to Closed Gatherings

We've seen an uptick in closed gatherings recently and thus wanted to make it easier for your learners to join them. Any learner can now request access to your closed gathering from the new gathering dashboard. Once they do, all gathering admins will receive one of our new fancy notifications alerting them to the request and how they can accept it....or decline it, if you've got some shady folks trying to gain access to your precious gathering :)

New Daily Notification Email

With all these enhancements, we wanted to make sure any increased activity didn't start to spam your inbox with multiple notifications. Thus, we've consolidated all notification email alerts into a single email sent at most once a day. We also now include gathering notifications in this email and lastly paired that with an updated design.


That's it for this Changelog! Again, if you have any questions or feedback, we're just a short email away at

Happy learning,

The Pathgather Team