Changelog #2

Hello! Below, you'll find an overview of the changes we've recently made to Pathgather. As always, if you have any questions, just let us know at

View a learner's endorsed resources

When viewing a learner's profile, I find the content they've learned quite interesting, but I often find myself wondering what they learned and loved. Well, that's now possible! Now, when viewing a profile, any content learned and endorsed by the user will display with a 'heart' next to that item.

A new way to share

With the recent launch of gatherings, we now support 3 main ways to share your knowledge: by sharing learning content, by creating a learning path, and by creating a gathering. We've decided to package those 3 options into a single "share" button you can access at any time. Just hover over the '+' button in the bottom left and choose your desired way to share!

New enhancements to your default activity timeline

As you follow more and more users in Pathgather, the activity those users generate will display in your default activity timeline. However, while this sort of social following is quite normal in social networks, it doesn't always apply perfectly to the learning nature of our site. So, in an effort to further push relevant content to our users, we've started to include activities that relate to a user's skills in their timeline.

For example, if I've added Javascript as a skill to my profile, any time a user shares Javascript content or creates a Javascript gathering, that activity will now display in my timeline, regardless of whether or not I follow that user. Essentially, in addition to following various users in Pathgather, you're now also following your skills!

New integrations

We've also recently added support for a couple of new content vendors. We're happy to welcome Skillport and Code School to the Pathgather content family! If you already have licenses to either of these vendors, simply navigate to our 'Subscriptions' functionality in the administration interface and enable them with a single click. Additionally, if you don't have licenses to Code School but would like to still sample their content, there is a separate option to enable only their free offerings

That's it for this Changelog! Again, if you have any questions or feedback, we're just a short email away at

Happy learning,

The Pathgather Team

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