Changelog #1


We're going to be trying something different moving forward when it comes to communication around launched product enhancements. Once or twice a month, we'll be writing a "Changelog" post, a detail of the recent product changes we've made at Pathgather.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, just let us know at!

API support for Gatherings

We added the ability to create, retrieve, and manage gatherings and their content, paths, and users to our official API. The API docs can be found here. You can use this API to easily create gatherings in bulk, automatically have your users join a gathering, add certain content to a gathering, etc.

Skills added to paths

For awhile, you’ve had the ability to associate content to the skills that content helps a user improve in, but that functionality was missing from paths. Well, not anymore! Now, as you create or edit a path, you'll see the ability to tag your path with as many skills as you like.


We highly recommend you add relevant skills to your existing paths to help get them in front of the users who would benefit the most from their content. To edit one of your paths, navigate to the "Created" section on your profile, hover over the path you'd like to edit in the "Authored Paths" section, click the gear icon, and just hit Edit!

Gathering support added to auto recommendations

Admin feature: Auto recommendations allow you to automatically recommend learning content and paths to current and future users who satisfy a certain criteria, such as users who join the Engineering department, users in New York who have been employed for at least a year, etc. Now, you can configure a recommendation to be automatically pushed to users when they join a specific gathering!


Automatic communication of new notifications

If you’re like us and you have a tab of Pathgather open during the work day, it’s been a bit annoying in the past to know when you had a new notification. Well, we’ve improved this greatly! Your open Pathgather tab will now let you know when you have new notifications via 2 different methods: 1) The orange bubble that displays over the notification menu button will automatically increment its number as you get new notifications and 2) The title you see in your tab will be prefixed with a count of new notifications.


That's it for this Changelog! Again, if you have any questions or feedback, we're just a short email away at

Happy learning,

The Pathgather Team

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