Pathgather is now live on Periscope

Or, we will be soon, and on a regular basis!  I’ll touch upon why we've decided to do this, and why you should check it out!

First, what is Periscope?


Periscope is a live video streaming app offered by Twitter that has really taken off in the past several months.  Once you download the app (available on iOS and Android) you will receive a little notification when anyone you follow on Twitter starts a broadcast.  Just tap on that notification and you’ll jump right into the live broadcast!

What’s especially cool about Periscope is that it allows viewers to leave comments that everyone can see, including the person recording the video.  This allows whoever is shooting the video to respond in real time.  Basically, irrespective of what we're doing, it’s really cool and you should check it out.

Why are we Pathiscoping?

[ Side note: Pathiscoping = Pathgather Periscoping.  How are we feeling about that? ]

There are lots of ways to get your message out there, including blogs, articles, videos, case studies, conferences, and more.  These are all valuable modes of communication, and we use each of them.

But we also wanted a way to get in touch with people in a less structured, more spontaneous, and completely unscripted way.  We wanted a way to reduce the traditional barriers to communication between us and those who are interested in what we’re doing.

We’re doing this as an experiment, and are going to evaluate it on a week by week basis.  But we think Periscope could be a great tool to help us accomplish these goals.

How will it work?

The inaugural Pathiscope will take place on Thursday at 3pm ET.  No need to mark your calendars, though!

In order to get in on the action, just follow these few steps:

  • Follow @pathgather on Twitter if you don’t already (this is how Periscope will know to inform you when we start broadcasting).
  • Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Periscope app.
  • Login with your Twitter account, and subscribe to the @pathgather video stream.

And that’s it!  If you follow these steps, you’ll get a notification on Thursday at around 3pm that we’ve started to broadcast.  Look forward to seeing you there!

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