Integrations, Integrations, Integrations

For the past couple months, we've been hard at work on some big changes to the way you use Pathgather every day, which we're excited to share with you - but not quite yet. In the meantime, we've also been focusing on adding new integrations to make it easier than ever to add content to your Pathgather catalog. Let's take a look!

New LMS Integration: SumTotal

We recently added a "plug and play" integration with the SumTotal's cloud-hosted LMS. With this integration, Pathgather will connect to your SumTotal LMS, automatically index all of the content daily, and make those courses easily searchable, shareable, and launchable from within Pathgather. This means you can leverage your existing catalog of learning material (and all the benefits of SCORM tracking provided by your LMS) alongside content from the best online providers, all carefully curated by your employees. Who says you can't have your (compliance) cake, and eat it too?

New Cloud Storage Integration: Box

Every organization over time accumulates a treasure trove of relevant learning content in the form of presentations, documents, tech talk recordings, screencasts, and more. Fresh off their recent IPO, Box is increasingly becoming the preferred place to store this content in the cloud. However, once you've uploaded your files, it usually becomes impossible to find them afterwards. Our new integrations makes it easy to add your Box content to Pathgather, where it will become searchable, shareable, and launchable, just like everything else. Even better, we'll even embed the Box content directly in the Pathgather course page so your users can view the file immediately!

New Video Integrations: Brightcove, TED Talks, and more

YouTube videos are some of the most popular learning content on Pathgather, and for good reason: it's a highly engaging way to deliver learning, and it integrates beautifully with our platform. In the enterprise space, there's lots of other video platforms that our users love though, so we've added tighter integrations with Brightcove and TED Talks. Now when you go to create a Pathgather course, you'll find simple instructions for how to share your favorite videos from these platforms within Pathgather, where they'll become - you guessed it - searchable, shareable, and embedded right there.

New Analytics Integration: Export to Excel

Every Pathgather instance contains a huge amount of valuable employee engagement data. What content is the most popular? When are users logging in most frequently - during work hours, or evenings and weekends? You can answer these questions with our built-in reporting features, but sometimes you just want to get your data out of Pathgather and into a powerful tool like Excel where you can create the exact report you're looking for. That's why we created a simple Excel integration to help unlock your data. Simply create your report in Pathgather, switch to the table view to see the raw results, and click the new "Export to Excel" button. We'll pull all the data into a spreadsheet and email it to you, so you can slice and dice it however you like!

Share Your Thoughts

We think these new integrations will bring a smile to your face, which we love to see, so let us know what you think! You can reach out to us anytime at with questions and suggestions for future integrations. Hope to hear from you soon.

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